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from 23.06.2015 to 14.12.2015

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Iconpeak, Zatch authors, came to us with a unique recommendation algorithm for indie games. It had already been successfully tested on Windows Phone and they were looking to develop an app for Google Play.

Iconpeak is a high performance mobile advertising platform. Two years ago it was a startup in Makers incubator, today it is a fast-growing company with a team of 30 people and 300 clients who trust them.

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UI: The Balancing Act

In the UI design stage our client wanted to achieve promotional effect together with intuitive user interface.

Animation: A Hard Act to Follow

Nowadays it’s relatively easy to emulate a tech product idea. In such circumstances UX and UI are the differentiating factors when it comes to creating a strong relationship with the end-user. Here animations come in handy adding dynamics and life to an interface. They help to create a special feeling, a desire to play with the interface elements, engage users and establish an emotional connection with them.

Passing the microphone to our client

Manufactura's team has consistently delivered high levels of commitment, reliability, design expertise, technical skills and quality of service. They have become an important partner and allowed us to scale our product development to meet our strategic goals.
Felipe Ogibowski, Iconpeak Co-Founder

Our cooperation with Iconpeak didn’t stop after the end of Zatch project and grew into long-term business relationships.

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Project team
Dmitriy Provotorov
Product Manager
Dmitriy Sidorov
Art Director
Elena Moiseeva
Lead Designer
Petr Tulinov
Yuriy Zolotukhin
Android Developer
Aleksey Rogov
Android Developer
Maksim Zakopaylov
Lev Yakovlev
Sergey Kotsyuba
Elena Moiseeva
Special thanks
Denis Semenov
Product manager at Iconpeak
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